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How to Disable Clipboard Sync Across Devices on Windows 10

Windows 10’s Clipboard experience lets you access a history of items you’ve copied, pin frequently used items, and sync items across all devices. However, if you don’t want Microsoft to sync any sensitive data to the cloud, you can disable it completely.
By default, Clipboard sync is turned off. If it’s already on, you can toggle clipboard features in Settings > System > Clipboard. But when you enable the sync feature, it automatically syncs all text that you copy.

To prevent any user on the computer from enabling this and accidentally syncing potentially sensitive data such as passwords to Microsoft’s servers, you can disable this feature altogether.
Home Users: Disable Clipboard Sync via the Registry Editor If you have Windows 10 Home, you’ll have to edit the Windows Registry to make these changes. You can also do it this way if you have Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise if you feel more comfortable working in the Registry as opposed to Group Policy Editor. (If you have Pro..

How to Find Your IP Address on a Windows 10 PC

An IP address identifies any given device on a network. You might need it for online gaming or remote desktop computing. Your Windows 10 PC has an IP address, and there are a few different ways you can find it. Here’s how.
Table of Contents Find Your IP Address from the Settings Menu Find Your IP Address Using the Control Panel Find Your IP Address Using Command Prompt Find Your IP Address from the Settings Menu You can find the IP address of your Windows 10 PC in the Settings menu. But instead of clicking through several levels of options to find it, we’ll use a shortcut to jump straight to it.
To the right of the taskbar, you’ll see a group of several different icons. We want to locate the network icon. The icon design will differ depending on whether you’re connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Right-click the icon.
Network icon design when connected to Wi-Fi. Network icon design when using an Ethernet connection. Note: If you can’t find the icon on your taskbar, it ..

How to Create Multilevel Lists in Google Docs

In Google Docs, you can create and customize multilevel lists in your document with ease. You can format your lists with bullets, numbers, or even alphabetized them. Let’s take a look at the process.
How to Create a Multilevel List Fire up a browser, head to your Google Docs homepage, and open a new document.
It’s effortless to create a multilevel list in Google Docs. All you have to do is type on a line to begin your list, press Enter after the first item to start a new line, type the next item on your list, and so on. When you’ve typed all the items on your list, highlight all the lines.

Next, click Format > Bullets & Numbering > Numbered List, and then choose a formatting style from the list.

For this guide, we’ll use a numbered list. If you prefer a “Bulleted List,” choose that instead.
Your list is formatted in the style you chose.

While this is a single-level list, the process to create a multilevel list in Docs isn’t much different. When you start to demote and promot..

How to Host a Secure Meeting in Zoom

At a time when businesses worldwide were shedding money because of the pandemic, Zoom saw revenue growth of 370% in just one quarter, becoming a household name and a verb in the process. But right from the start the service faced pointed questions about security, and to their credit, the developers did their best to address them quickly.
In the light of Zoom’s beefed-up security mechanisms, here’s what you can — and should — configure to ensure maximum protection while Zooming.
1. Make the meeting unique You can set up a Zoom conference either with a Personal Meeting ID (PMI) or, for one-off chats, with a one-time link. Tied to a user’s account, a PMI persists unchanged for a full year from the last login, so anyone who has attended at least one PMI-based meeting can connect to any future conversation using the same PMI, even if you don’t invite them. Therefore, avoid using personal links, and instead create a separate link for each meeting — it takes just a few seconds.
2. Require ..

Super Bowl LIV Underground Technology

Aside from measuring forward progress in yards, golf and football don’t have a lot in common. But in both sports, the requirements for healthy turf are pretty much the same. “Obviously, you have different mow heights, and different playability that you’re after,” says Brad Dennis, SubAir’s vice president of finance and project management. “What we […]


March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month

Computer Vision Syndrome, also referred to as Digital Eye Strain, describes a group of eye and vision-related problems that result from prolonged computer, tablet and cell phone use. Too much screen time and not enough breaks can cause headaches, loss of concentration, neck pain, back strain, and dry eye. Here are some ways to help […]