You might understand the basic concept of mono vs. stereo audio. But choosing the best channel format for specific audio contexts can considerably improve your mixing and production process. Here, w go through their basic definitions and common use cases to help you learn when and why to use each one.

If you change your iPhone wallpaper frequently, you’ll likely have a long list of old wallpapers you no longer use. What’s the point in keeping ones you don’t care about anymore? Below, we explain how to delete wallpapers from your iPhone to reduce clutter.

Black cases look great, there’s no doubt about that, but it’s time to break the mold with an icy white case. It looks exceptional when you throw in some RGB (but not too much) and pick a case that unashamedly shows off your expensive GPU. We gathered the best white PC cases that’ll fit any […]

Christmas needs preparation. So why not use technology to make a few shortcuts? This week’s show tells you all about setting up DIY Christmas lights, creating 3D printed gifts and decorations, and sorting out the atmosphere with some wonderful Christmas playlists.

In a surprise move, Microsoft will allow Windows 10 users to continue getting updates for their systems. The catch is that you need to pay up to continue getting support, but is it worth doing? Let’s explore why you should or shouldn’t pay to continue getting Windows 10 updates.

USB flash drives are the best choice for taking your essential digital files on the go. The small, compact devices can hold a lot of data, offer incredible read and write speeds, and come with impressive security features.

The Xreal (formerly Nreal) Air 2 is a lightweight pair of glasses with a small HD mini-OLED monitor in the lens. With no computing power and only basic 3DOF motion sensors that need an optional accessory to take advantage of, it’s hard to call this Augmented Reality of any kind. But what they do offer—a […]

Unless your iPhone or iPad’s storage space is running low, you probably use the Messages app like an unlimited cache of conversations. There’s one small challenge with this: how to find old text messages on iPhone when there are thousands of them. Let’s look at two simple ways to quickly get to the message you […]

Are you looking for a way to create unique Christmas cards that will wow your family and friends? Canva can help with that, whether you want to use a template or implement your own photos and messages into the card. Here’s how to design the perfect Christmas card using Canva.

Did you know that Spotify is customizable? With the help of Spicetify, you can change how Spotify looks with themes and extensions and even add custom apps for extra functionality. Best of all, Spicetify makes the process easy, and you can even create custom Spotify themes.

Google has consistently promised that its Gemini AI model would be better than OpenAI’s GPT-4, the model that powers ChatGPT Plus. Now that Google Gemini has launched, we can finally put it to the test and see how Gemini compares to GPT-4.

Apple isn’t the only company making high-quality Apple Watch chargers. While the official Apple Watch Charging Cable remains our preferred choice, there are other excellent alternatives available, especially if you’re on a tight budget or looking for additional features like Nightstand mode or multi-device charging.

Google, Apple, and other companies that use Pro in their product names are mainly at fault here, but it’s no surprise that the Pro version of a flagship phone gets all the attention. That said, non-Pro models can be a better buy than their Pro-branded companions, as evidenced by the Google Pixel 8.

Every photo captured has specific colors that shape the whole image, but at times, adjustments may be necessary to enhance the photo. Canva’s Color Edit feature makes it easy to edit the colors of one part of an image without changing all of them, and the best part is it’s free.

YouTube has rolled out a collection of mini-games as an experimental feature for select users, dubbed Playables. If you’re interested in playing, here is how to activate this feature and join in on the fun.

Wi-Fi is a catch-all term. In a sense, it is very precise. It explains a specific method you can use to connect to the internet.

Are you facing issues with a website because your browser is blocking its pop-ups? Luckily, most major browsers, like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, allow you to turn off these pop-up blockers. We’ll walk you through the steps.

The Pitaka MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2 securely fits your dashboard air vent, magnetically grabs your phone, charges at up to 18W, and even features three built-in NFC tags that you can switch between. Unfortunately, while it sounds like the perfect MagSafe car mount, Pitaka charges a premium for an accessory with numerous drawbacks and […]

Whether you’re a professional gamer or just casual but competitive, customizable gaming controllers can help you gain an edge over your opponents.

Becoming a VTuber is a great way to stream on Twitch while also keeping your identity private. Creating and setting up a VTuber avatar can be an intimidating and complicated process, but we’ve got everything you need in this step-by-step walkthrough.

Ever been accused of oversharing? Have you been labeled a “sharent” after posting pics of your children on social media? In this week’s Really Useful Podcast, we take a look at online oversharing, its consequences, and what you can do to minimize “sharenting.”

Have you ever posted to your Instagram Story and then realized you forgot to tag your friend? Don’t delete the post and start over! There is an easy way to tag friends in Instagram Stories that you have already posted.

Comfort and quality. Those are the two words I’d use to summarize the Beyerdynamic MMX 200 wireless gaming headset. The quality extends throughout the whole package, from build materials to audio and more, and these are some of the comfiest gaming headphones I’ve worn for a considerable time.

From enjoying your favorite tunes and podcasts to taking hands-free calls, Bluetooth car speakers add new layers of convenience and safety to your journey.

Though Apple Pay has undeniable benefits, like not needing to carry credit cards or cash, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider as well. While these may not be reasons to completely avoid using this payment method, it’s still wise to consider the downsides Apple Pay has.

The 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros are incredible laptops for professionals who need a powerful and reliable tool to help them do their work, with a good selection of ports and outstanding displays. But don’t bother upgrading if you already have the M2 Pro model—there’s no performance boost.

If your printer throws a “Filter Failed” error when you send a print job from your Mac, you’re not alone. This issue affects printers from Epson, Canon, HP, and other brands. Thankfully, fixing it is as easy as resetting the macOS printing system and installing updated drivers.

Whether you’re sick of Java’s security issues or find it unnecessary, there’s a pretty easy way to uninstall Java from your Mac using Java’s installer. Furthermore, you can also use Terminal to remove Java without leaving a trace. We’ll discuss both methods.

Ever wanted to add handy widgets to your Mac’s desktop? macOS Sonoma makes this possible. You can not only glance at their valuable information, but also interact with these widgets. We’ll show you how to add them.

Multiple law enforcement agencies in the US have disseminated inaccurate alerts wrongly insinuating that iOS 17’s NameDrop feature (which enables users to share contact information effortlessly) poses a potential risk. Here, we seek to dispel these baseless concerns.

You’ll never need to worry about carrying a door key when using a smart lock. If you’re an Apple user with an iPhone or Apple Watch, opening the Yale Assure Lock 2 Plus takes just a tap, thanks to Apple Home Key support.

Keeping your phone charged on the go is crucial nowadays, especially if you use it for navigation. A good car phone charger goes a long way to ensure your daily commutes and weekend getaways are stress-free. If you own an iPhone, these car chargers are a must-have when out and about.

In 2023, Apple ditched its leather cases for something more eco-friendly: FineWoven. It’s Apple’s fancy word for a new fabric style of iPhone cases and other accessories. But is it worth the premium over the familiar silicone case?

As you use the internet, it’s really easy to forget that there are a lot of working parts and servers that help keep the World Wide Web alive. Every packet you send, from a chat message to a cat photo, has to travel through exchanges and servers to reach its destination.

How often do you get a good night’s sleep? If the answer is anything less than “always,” then you might want to consider the impact your gadgets have on your nightly slumber. Blue light from screens tricks our brains into thinking we should be awake. Fortunately, you can fix it easily using a blue light […]

The use of gallium nitride (GaN) has continued to shrink the physical size of chargers, but the Nomad 65W Slim Power Adaptor takes things to a whole new level. This thin charger is just about the perfect travel charger.

Formerly known as smileys and often confused with emoticons, emoji faces are used on SMS and social media apps like Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, and WhatsApp. But what do emojis mean? What each emoji means is sometimes open to interpretation, and that’s further complicated by heart and hand symbols.

Gaming tablets have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, with some even giving gaming laptops a run for their money. Compact and lightweight, they’re an even more transportable alternative for gaming on the go.

Every year, we count down to one big event. We’re not talking about the holidays; that’s right, we’re talking about Spotify Wrapped release. Its arrival is the moment you can see your personal music trends over the last year in a fun and fresh way. Here’s how to get your Spotify Wrapped 2023 report and […]

Are you a YouTube Music user who wants better music recommendations? These easy tips and tricks can adjust YouTube Music’s algorithm to suggest music that better suits your specific tastes.

As a digital designer or illustrator, you’ve probably heard of RGB, CMYK, and Pantone, but do you know what they all mean? It’s important to use the correct color profiles for your digital designs to get the best consistent quality in your results.

YouTube Music is one of many Spotify alternatives that you can try, and it features both a diverse library and intelligent music discovery features. But is YouTube Music better than Spotify? Find out in this complete comparison.

When Snapchat runs into the C14A Support error code, you can get locked out of your account. It can also show up suddenly during normal usage; for example, when posting a Snap or sending a message, interrupting your enjoyment of the social media platform. Here’s what you can do to get rid of the error […]

Razer is well-known for its gaming and computer peripherals, like keyboards, mice, and headphones—but now they’ve also dipped their toes into the in-ear monitor (IEM) market, with the Razer Moray. Sadly, the audio quality just isn’t there, even if they are a comfy pair of IEMs for all-day wear.

Where can you go to read comic books online for free, and legally? There are numerous options available to you.

In September 2023, TCL announced its new flagship, 98-inch X955 QD-Mini LED TV. With an unprecedented 5000 full-array local dimming zones (5184 to be exact) and 5000 nits of peak brightness, this behemoth of a 4K TV is taking television technology to new levels.

If you’re not in the market for a smart TV, there are still plenty of standard “dumb” TVs you can consider. Unlike smart TVs, these TVs won’t compromise your privacy or inundate you with ads. They are often more affordable, but without sacrificing quality. It’s hard to find a dumb TV nowadays, but there are […]

macOS makes it very easy to select multiple files at once, allowing you to copy, move, or delete several items quickly. We’ll teach you multiple selection methods that work on files, apps, and just about anything on your Mac.

When your iPhone is in StandBy, notifications fill the screen, meaning anyone who walks into your room can see them. Instead of disabling StandBy to avoid this, you can follow this guide to turn off notifications in StandBy and safeguard your privacy.

If your family struggles with sharing one car or making travel arrangements, you can use the account sharing feature in the Uber app. You can add extra users to your account and take responsibility for the cost of the trip. We’ll show you how.

Logging into a Windows laptop with a fingerprint scanner is easy; just place your finger on a scanner, and the operating system lets you in. However, researchers have shown that, while this method is convenient, it’s not hackproof.

Smartphones aren’t just for entertainment; they’re incredibly versatile, and you can use them to help you meet your academic goals. Thanks to these mobile apps, you can fit everything you need as a college student right in your pocket.

Like other social media platforms, Snapchat doesn’t announce when someone unfriends you on the app. So how can you tell if someone has truly unfriended you or just deleted their account? Let’s find out.

Xbox Wireless Controllers are a quintessential gaming accessory that works just as well on Xbox as on PC. But that isn’t to say you won’t experience issues with your controller. If you’re having trouble connecting your Xbox Wireless Controller to a PC, here are a few quick tips that may help.

Most people have no reason to ever enable developer options, but there comes a point when some of us find ourselves nudged in that direction. Android hides developer options by default. That begs the question: is there a downside to turning them on?

One problem you’ll encounter when joining any social media platform is claiming the username you want. It’s almost always a guarantee that someone else will have already claimed your preferred username.

If you like to listen to an uninterrupted flow of music, the handy Apple Music Crossfade function automatically removes the silence between tracks for you.

Password managers are invaluable for safe password storage, but what happens when you delete your app or account? Do your passwords remain somewhere in cyberspace, or are they deleted permanently?

Ugreen’s fast-charging power bank can output 145 watts and has a capacity of 90Wh—more than enough to recharge your phone several times but still small enough to be within air travel guidelines. It also has three ports, allowing you to top up three devices simultaneously.

The Asus ROG Ally is an expensive buy. That’s all the more reason to find not just a suitable case but the best case for the Asus ROG Ally.

Did your Mac suddenly freeze while using an app? Maybe you tried closing or quitting it, but it didn’t respond. Luckily, you can force quit an app on your Mac and then reopen it to fix these issues.

You have plenty of weather apps to choose from on Android. But one of the best is Google’s Weather app. Weirdly enough, you won’t find it in the Play Store, but there’s an easy workaround to install it. Let’s take a look.

Has your phone number or address been plastered over unknown websites? Or perhaps it’s your old photos or social media posts?

Uninstalling Parallels Desktop from your Mac is as easy as removing any other Mac app. However, you’ll end up with some leftover files if you don’t do it properly. So, we’ll show you how to completely remove Parallels Desktop from your Mac.

Have you ever wondered how creators make the most eye-catching Instagram Reels that are fixed perfectly to music? Luckily, the social media platform now makes it easy with the use of Reels templates. Keep reading to learn how to create impressive Instagram Reels with the use of a template.

If your ISP caps your monthly data allowance, video streaming can be expensive. The solution is to download online videos to watch offline, allowing you to re-watch videos as many times as you want without wasting data. Various tools for downloading videos offline can help you get the job done.

If you use the Amazon Prime Video streaming service, did you know that you can add up to six different user profiles, including profiles for kids? Whether you’re a new or regular user of Amazon Prime Video, you might not know how to set up multiple profiles.

If you’re experiencing screen tearing or stuttering while gaming on your Xbox Series X|S, it might be time to enable Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) on your system. VRR actively works to prevent this issue, so if you want to solve your screen tearing problems, here’s everything you need to know.

Following on from the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra, Mobvoi released the TicWatch Pro 5 earlier this year. This latest iteration uses the Wear OS platform, together with the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 + Gen1 chipset to offer users one of the fastest and most sophisticated Android smartwatches on the market. However, this feature-rich wearable comes with […]

Is your Xbox Series X controller randomly disconnecting from your console? Do you find you’re losing control of the game at crucial moments because your controller has simply stopped working? We’re here to help.

Cookie consent popups are so common you probably just click accept all without reading the fine print. Do you really need to accept all cookies, though?

With their futuristic design, eco-friendliness, and unique functionality, electric unicycles are revolutionizing how people get around.

ChatGPT traditionally struggles with personalization and memory consistency. To fix this, OpenAI introduced Custom Instructions for every user, free or paid.

Bored of memojis and one-tap filters? Apple offers a new way to engage in your virtual face-to-face meetings with reactions. You can use different hand gestures to trigger augmented reality effects in FaceTime and other video calling apps.

If you’re new to macOS, you may not know how to print a document right away. But rest assured, it’s pretty easy to get a physical copy. We’ll show you how to print on your Mac.

There are dozens of AI chatbots and language models out there. Some excel at creative tasks, while others are better at reasoning. But what if you could access them all in one place?

There are many reasons why you might want to complete an Xbox 360 teardown. If your Xbox 360 constantly falls victim to the infamous Red Ring of Death, a simple soldering repair can be initiated by opening up the case. It’s not just repairs, though. You can open up your Xbox 360 case if you […]

Apple’s Magic Keyboards are pretty easy to use, but it might not be clear how to set one up. We’ll cover how to power up and connect each kind of Magic Keyboard Apple offers for its devices.

The undo and redo actions in macOS let you quickly correct any mistakes you make while using your Mac—but there are actually a number of ways to access them.

If you have different smart tech brands in your home, you may find cross-platform compatibility to be a frustrating issue. But with a smart home bridge, you can overcome many of these obstacles. So, what is a smart home bridge, and do you need one?

Connecting a phone to your TV isn’t as simple as you might think. Whether you want to enjoy Netflix, share photos, or use it for home working, hooking up a cable between your phone and TV can be tricky. But it’s not impossible—it’s all a matter of selecting the right cable.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, the thought of your smartwatch, earbuds, or secondary phone running out of battery can be dreadful. However, if you own one of Samsung’s flagship phones, you can quickly top up the battery with Wireless PowerShare.

Use ChatGPT to improve your chances of landing jobs on LinkedIn. Here are several ways in which OpenAI’s platform can make your profile more impressive and boost your candidacy for career opportunities.

Does your Windows computer shut down without warning? Or does it crash every time you attempt to wake it from Sleep? Your computer might have a power supply fault, causing it to crash without warning.

I’ve been using Spotify’s AI DJ for several weeks now, diligently allowing Spotify’s AI algorithm to guide my audio experience each day.

In general, you need both a charging cable and a power adapter to charge your iPhone. One end of the cable connects to your iPhone’s charging port, the other end connects to the power adapter, and the power adapter needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet. So, let’s look at the correct cable and […]

You got a job offer, and you need to return your work computer. Before you do, there are steps you can take to protect your confidential information and save valuable data.

If you’re an iPhone user who takes pictures regularly, you’ll likely have thousands of photos in your library taking up so much storage space. That’s when organization becomes essential. Fortunately, there are so many ways to go about it.

Letting your inner speed demon loose, developing stunning stunts, or navigating challenging terrain are just some of the things you can enjoy when buying an RC car. Pick the right one for your level from some of the best RC cars available today.

Notion, in itself, is already immensely helpful for increasing productivity and project management. But if you’re looking to take your setup to the next level, adding widgets is the easiest way to go. Here are some of the best Notion widgets you can try today.

Windows 10 won’t boot? It’s scary, but don’t despair if your laptop or PC won’t start. There are many fixes out there. The trick is knowing which fix to use first. Our advice is to start with the most straightforward fixes and, in order, move to the harder ones.

Over 1,000 cars are sold daily on, the sort of figure that car dealers can only dream about. You can find almost any vehicle you could want, from motor scooters to supercars. But should you buy a car from eBay? What risks and benefits does this approach have? And can you really trust eBay […]

The Windows taskbar is a great way to access your programs and crucial services like Bluetooth. By default, Windows 10 places the most important icons on the right in the system tray, while you have all the space in the middle to pin your program icons. If you only have a few to pin, you […]

In this week’s show, Christian Cawley and Gavin Phillips discuss how to spot fake emails and how to react when you’re presented with the McAfee antivirus pop-up scam. Plus, Christian discusses the news that Meta is cracking down on political deepfakes in advance of 2024’s election year.

Wondering about the devices connected to your Wi-Fi router? Try using the powerful Nmap network scanner and you can find out with just one command.

Whether you’re writing an essay, blog post, article, or cover letter, use of AI tools for your text is often a no-go. If you’re assessing someone else’s writing for originality, an AI detector may be beneficial. Two popular AI text checkers are GPTZero and, but which of these is best for you?

pCloud is a fast-growing cloud storage service that is gaining in popularity every year. With over 14 million users enjoying speedy file syncing, fortified security, and a dedicated media player, it’s easy to see why the platform is snowballing.

Odds are, you use your earbuds multiple times every day. While your earbuds are undoubtedly a necessity, they can become dirty because of how often they’re used.

Emojis transcend cultural and language barriers. They have become a part of the internet lexicon and everyday communication and are so ingrained in our language that people have started using them in passwords.

SmartWings makes custom-fitted smart motorized shades and blinds with a catalog of designs and materials. But until now, part of that customization meant choosing between Google Home and Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit support. With the launch of Matter, all the various smart home systems are supported on the same Shade.

Despite considerable advancements in oral care, over 3.5 billion people worldwide are still affected by tooth and gum disease.

OneOdio is an established audio-product manufacturer renowned for making high-quality merchandise at affordable prices. The company always includes features usually only found at more premium prices. However, they do so without compromising on quality.

ChatGPT’s custom GPT feature allows anyone to create a custom AI tool for almost anything you can think of; creative, technical, gaming, custom GPTs can do it all. Better still, you can share your custom GPT creations with anyone.

Google Maps puts live navigation at your fingertips, capable of taking you almost anywhere in the world. However, Google Maps is capable of so much more, and with these advanced features, you have one of the most powerful travel tools for planning and managing trips.

Signal and Telegram are two of the world’s most popular secure messaging apps; they are committed to safeguarding user privacy, are easy to use, and are packed with cool features.

This Black Friday, 1MORE, a leading headphone brand, is offering some fantastic savings on selected products from its range of wireless and wired headphones and earbuds.

Steam does a lot, aside from just storing your games. Sometimes, it does too many things, making your system slow down. So, have you noticed this happening to your computer? Or are you getting errors saying you’re running out of memory when using Steam?

Windows 11 has a built-in weather widget that shows the basic weather info, including temperature, forecast for the upcoming week, and precipitation.

You may have noticed the camera shutter button during FaceTime calls, but have you wondered where these FaceTime photos are stored? Whether you want to take FaceTime photos, find their location, or have trouble getting the feature to work, we’ve got you covered.

If you haven’t picked up a PS5 yet, but are thinking about it, you should consider whether it’s the right move for you. Here are several points to think about before you spend several hundred dollars on Sony’s latest console.

Despite them being more reliable than SMS, iMessages sometimes won’t deliver. It’s an annoying problem, but one which does have some solutions.

If you’re taking the usual Minecraft hiatus, you won’t want to keep being charged for Minecraft Realms, but you also won’t want to lose your world. Here’s how to unsubscribe from Minecraft Realms and keep your world for future use.

Chances are that you and the other members of your household love using YouTube. But if you can’t afford multiple individual YouTube Premium plans, there’s good news. YouTube offers a premium family membership that you can share with your entire family.

Elon Musk. You know who he is, his businesses, and his influence not just on tech but electric cars, space travel, payment processing, and so much more.

Action buttons, as the name suggests, are buttons that trigger an action in Microsoft PowerPoint. Adding action buttons can make your presentations more interactive.

Apple is no stranger to security incidents, be it hacks, breaches, or vulnerabilities. You may not be aware of these various issues, and some may still be putting you at risk. So, which Apple hacks, breaches, and vulnerabilities do you need to know about?

Nowadays, you can take professional-grade videos and photos with a drone without spending thousands of dollars. Let’s look at the best drones available today that are within most people’s price range.

Counter-Strike 2 has replaced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but unfortunately for Mac users, Valve has discontinued macOS support for its latest title, citing notably low player counts on the platform. But that doesn’t mean Mac users don’t have options.

Are you prone to arriving late for appointments and events? If you use an Android phone, the Waze app can nudge you when it’s time to leave. We’ll show you how to set it up.

Are you having a difficult time organizing your tabs in Google Chrome? In this guide, we’ll explore some solutions to stay on top of your Google Chrome tabs and upgrade your productivity online. Learn how to manage Chrome tabs better in this helpful guide.

As malware technology develops, so too do the services that malicious agents offer people who want to get into the hacking scene. If a malicious agent wanted to sneak malware onto your device without you knowing, they may hire someone who provides droppers as a service to help them achieve that goal.

While a lot of people worry about what social media companies do with your data, the reality is that most of us give away more information than we realize. Let’s consider some important kinds of information you should never share on social media to protect your privacy and safety.

If you’ve signed up for a YouTube Premium family membership, you’ll likely know that you can add up to five extra members. But how do you go about adding and removing members from your family plan? Here’s what you need to know.

Complications are one of the best features of the Apple Watch because they allow you to see information from your favorite apps at a glance on your watch face.

Often, you will need to remove and reconnect your printer for troubleshooting purposes. Also, removing old and unused devices helps you keep your connected device list organized in Windows 11 and 10.

Video production is rapidly evolving and your tools of choice matter. Premiere Pro and CapCut both provide great video editing features, but which works better for your video editing needs? Both platforms can create landscape and portrait videos of all lengths, have diverse platform availability, and offer many helpful tools. Let’s pit them against each […]

Beta-testing mobile apps can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Before diving in, you should know it comes with a few cybersecurity risks. Most significantly, criminals can use fake beta tests to steal your data or money.

Just in time for the holidays, Govee has finally come up with some classic string lights. The Govee Christmas String Lights are exactly what you’d expect from good quality holiday lights: bright enough to be visible in the daytime, casting a good amount of ambient light at night, waterproof and durable, and with a good […]

Dreame is rolling out substantial discounts this Black Friday with up to $450 off on cordless and wet/dry vacuums and robovacs. Renowned for powerful suction and excellent value, a Dreame vacuum is an ideal treat this Black Friday, especially if you need an upgrade to make your household chores all the more manageable.

The ETaker M2000 is an upcoming portable power station that is not only compact but also incredibly powerful. Already, it has won four different major global industrial design awards, including the Red Dot Award.

The Google Nest Hub is a practical smart home device that lets you control various smart home devices, play sounds, view images, watch videos, and more.

Are you looking to create an effective email template for you or your business? Look no further. In this article, we’ll explore some different ways to make an email template, so you can cut your workload in half. Save time for yourself and your team by discovering creative ways to build an email template.

Are you a student and you can’t afford the YouTube Premium individual plan? You can get a decent discount and save some money by signing up for the YouTube Premium student plan.

Whether you’re looking to multitask or munch on snacks while watching videos, TikTok has a handy auto-scrolling mode. When toggled, the platform will automate the scrolling process, and you won’t have to manually swipe up after each video.

If you rely on your phone to access your bank account, type out sensitive messages, pay your bills, or even unlock your house, a smartphone keylogger could steal this information without you noticing.

Does your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or laptop’s battery seem to drain faster than it should? You may want to enable battery-saver mode, also called low-power or power-saver mode, and leave it on permanently.

Graphics card running hot? Your GPU might need new thermal paste. It’s nothing to be afraid of, and we’ll show you how easy it is to do in this guide.

Do you want to make sure you’re using the best social media apps? After all, there are now so many social networks vying for your attention, that it can be difficult to choose between them all.

Samsung is one of the few companies to offer a decent Android wearable with its Galaxy line of watches, and the new Galaxy Watch 6 series is the latest iteration that runs on a customized version of Wear OS. But are they worth your money?

If you’re buying an electric vehicle, you could qualify for a tax credit of up to $7,500 under the Inflation Reduction Act. But even if you’re disqualified due to the rules, you could still lease an EV that is offered with lower monthly payments since it’s eligible for a tax credit.

A dying motherboard is one of the most frustrating hardware issues you can deal with. As the motherboard serves as the heart of the computer, any issues it encounters will cause the other components in your PC to malfunction.

If 1080p just doesn’t cut it for your gaming needs anymore, now’s the time to consider a 4K gaming laptop. You get the best of both worlds: a high-performance machine with stellar clarity and portability. So, let’s take a look at the best 4K gaming laptops you can get your hands on right now.

OBSBOT specializes in AI-powered webcams and is offering amazing deals this Black Friday. Whether you need one to keep you in focus during video conferences or a phone mount that can track your movements when creating content, OBSBOT has you covered. Take advantage of some incredible Black Friday deals and upgrade your video experience.

Thanks to Apple’s Student Discount, those in the education system can enjoy the benefits of Macs and iPads without as big of a price tag. Read on to learn how you can acquire Apple’s Student Discount and save money.

Black Friday is here! And so are the most incredible deals on the Roborock smart vacuums you’ve wanted to bring home. Combining advanced technology and thoughtful innovations, Roborock vacuums offer smart features to make your life easier and keep your home shining like new.

No matter how fast, shiny, or up-to-date your computer is, problems like a memory leak can still affect you.

If you’ve ever touched the chassis of your MacBook while it’s charging, you may have felt a tingling or vibrating sensation. This vibration isn’t a cause for concern, and it’s completely normal. Read on to learn why it happens and what you can do to counter this sensation.

If your Amazon Echo device is flashing yellow, you may be confused about why it is. There are a few reasons why your Echo is flashing a yellow light, and there’s a sure-fire way to stop this from happening.

The “Frequently Visited” section on Safari’s start page makes it easy to access top-searched websites quickly. However, someone who borrows your device for a moment can easily see what these sites are. So, here’s how to remove “Frequently Visited” from Safari.

ChatGPT’s phenomenal success has forced every tech company to start investing in AI research and figure out how to integrate artificial intelligence into their products. It’s a situation unlike anything we’ve ever seen, yet, artificial intelligence is only just getting started.

It can be frightening to notice that there is a red light illuminated on your motherboard while the system itself fails to boot, especially if your motherboard refuses to indicate why the light appeared.

Throughout the day, apps keep tabs on what we’re doing with our devices and send that information to distant servers. We know this is happening, but there isn’t a straightforward way to stop it. Fortunately, with the right apps, you can end much of this tracking.

Learning ethical hacking is quite tricky, but you can make the journey easier by taking up any of the best ethical hacking courses. Whether you desire to learn for free or take up paid courses that come with certifications, there’s an option for you.

Since Snapchat doesn’t have typical profile pictures, a Bitmoji lets people know a little bit about your appearance and personality. If you never hopped on the Bitmoji train, here is how to get started.

The iKier K1 Pro Max aims to offer an all-in-one package for those looking to get started or upgrade their laser engraving and cutting. With helpful usability features and an air assist system, it presents an exciting entry point for those looking to grow a business or expand their material exploration.

The changes to X (formerly Twitter) have been tumultuous and frequent. If you’re thinking of quitting, you’re not alone. There are plenty of X alternatives for you to try, it just depends on the type of social experience you want and what features you’re looking for on a social platform. Here are the best X […]

Even though potential Mac buyers have multiple options to choose from, the iMac stands out from the lineup as the only all-in-one computer. Below, we’ll list some compelling reasons why the 24-inch iMac is the best desktop Apple sells.

The release of the Apple Watch Series 9 in 2023 might make you want to upgrade. But is it much better than the Series 8 that came out a year before?

Using Luminar Neo’s latest generative AI feature, GenSwap, photographers can easily replace or add objects in their photos for perfect compositions. Keep reading to learn how to use GenSwap for effortless creative control of your images.

Android devices make it easy to record external audio without using any expensive recording gear. You can even capture system sounds and add voiceovers if needed. Here, we’ll explore multiple ways to capture audio using your Android phone.

If you don’t want someone to know if and when you’ve seen their message, you’ll need to turn off read receipts. Fortunately, Apple makes it easy to disable read receipts in iMessage. We’ll show you exactly what you need to do on your iPhone.

Besides helping you stay connected and track your fitness goals, the Samsung Galaxy Watch can measure your stress levels with its advanced sensors and algorithms. Here, we’ll explain exactly how Samsung’s smartwatches manage to do this.

AI is an amazing tool that can assist creators with pretty much anything they need. However, there are some dangers to using AI, which is why YouTube is stepping in to help protect the YouTube community. Keep reading to learn why the use of AI disclosures on YouTube is important for you, whether you’re a […]

Notion is more than just a note-taking app. As a developer, you can use Notion to track your freelance projects, organize your code snippets, collaborate with clients, keep track of jobs you’re applying for, and integrate with third-party tools to streamline your entire developer workflow.

Is Microsoft Word deleting text by itself as you edit one of your documents? When this happens, you should check if there’s someone else working on the same document or if you’ve not accidentally enabled Word’s overtyping option.

The Ubuntu top bar is convenient, but you may not want it showing all the time, taking up valuable screen real estate. Fortunately, you can tweak it to auto-hide, reclaiming useful space and reducing distractions.

Google Photos doesn’t offer an unlimited storage tier like it once used to. That’s why it’s more important than ever to manage your Google Photos library and ensure you don’t run out of space. Follow these tips to free up storage space in Google Photos.

At the Ignite 2023 event, Microsoft announced the Windows App for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC. The simply named app allows users to connect to Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Dev Box, and remote PCs from anywhere with an internet connection. The app is now available for Public Preview.

During the Google Voice signup process, you’ll receive a Google Voice verification code to complete the process. Hopefully, you’ll only ever encounter them while signing up for Google Voice, but sometimes you may receive one as part of a larger scam.

To everybody’s surprise, Apple has announced that it will implement the RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging protocol via a software update later in 2024. But what does this mean for iPhone owners trying to text non-Apple users?

YouTube has made it easy for anyone with a YouTube account to download music and sounds from its audio library and use it in any video editing software. You can also use the music for your own personal listening. Here’s how to use YouTube’s audio library and the requirements to do so.

Learning how to become an Amazon affiliate will allow you to promote your favorite products. You can share these affiliate links on social media, podcasts, blogs, websites, and several other platforms.

Ever found yourself stuck trying to understand the disk space consumption on your Ubuntu system? If so, you’ll want to check out the ncdu command which can help resolve this usage mystery.

Windows S Mode is a restricted version of Windows 11 and 10 where you can only install apps from the Microsoft Store, cannot access the Registry or the Group Policy Editor, and are stuck with Bing as the default browser. To install an app unavailable in the Microsoft Store, you must get out of Windows […]

Across the span of years, batteries in devices like laptops and phones lose their ability to hold a charge. The period between the first use of the battery and its eventual inability to hold any power is known as the battery’s lifespan.

If you are new to animating or have always wondered how to create rotoscope animations from your own videos, then this article will shed some light on how to easily achieve this animation style using Procreate.

Your Windows 11 computer may not show a Wi-Fi connectivity option due to various reasons. Corrupt Wi-Fi drivers, hardware issues, and even problems with the Windows OS can be the potential causes for this problem. You may also notice frequent Wi-Fi connection drops.

Can you move pages in Word? Depending on the type of document you’re creating in Microsoft Word, you may find yourself in this situation.

Virtual reality is getting more mainstream by the day, especially when it comes to gaming. With a wide variety of VR headsets on the market, ranging from the most bleeding-edge technology to budget-friendly options, there is a headset out there that will please everyone.

If your Mac tries to keep you online by automatically connecting to nearby Wi-Fi networks, forgetting the Wi-Fi network in macOS is one way to tackle the problem. An alternative method involves instructing your Mac not to auto-join a specific network.

Safari is one of those pre-installed Apple apps that can’t be permanently removed from your iPhone. However, you still have two options if you really wish to “delete” it.

People rightly value their privacy, but advancing technology makes it easier than ever for someone to spy on you.

The Local Group Policy Editor (or gpedit.msc) is a system utility that allows you to view and edit group policy settings on your computer. You may need to use this tool to configure advanced system settings that aren’t available in the standard Settings app or Control Panel. But how do you get to the Local […]

As usual, Fedora 39 came with the latest updates to the GNOME desktop environment. But this release also introduced a new immutable alternative to Silverblue based on the Budgie desktop environment. Its name is Fedora Onyx.

Created a fun Contact Poster for yourself, but none of your contacts can view it? Whether it’s a software bug preventing the feature from working as it should or an innocent mistake you made when creating your poster, we’ll help you resolve this issue quickly.

If you’re hiking or exploring an area with no Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity, you can still rely on your Apple Watch to find your way back to the starting point with Backtrack. Backtrack is a feature in the Compass app that tracks your route from a starting location and points you in the correct direction […]

Excel does not have a built-in function to count cells based on fill color or font color. However, there are some workarounds to achieve this. Using the Find feature is one of several workarounds to count colored cells in Excel without using any formula. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Microsoft Phone Link (formerly Your Phone) is a Windows app that connects your Android phone or iPhone to your computer. As the app runs in the background, you may notice the yourphone.exe process appear in Task Manager.

Countless people herald ChatGPT as a productivity boon, great for helping you land a job, produce content, create a resume, and everything else you can think of. But what about the fun, unusual, and inventive ways to put ChatGPT to use?

You want to install some hot new program on Debian or Ubuntu. You find the package and use apt to install it. But when you try to run it on the command line, you get an error message from the shell saying, “Command not found.” Here’s how to find out where apt installed it.

Sporting a large headlight and a bench-style seat, the Yadea Trooper 01 looks less like an ebike and more like a mini Triumph Street Twin motorcycle. This is one of those bikes that’s sure to turn heads, and it might have people take a double look when they think, “Why is this motorcycle riding in […]

Keeping your computer free from clutter can help improve performance and free up tons of storage space. Windows has several built-in system cleanup utilities, including the Disk Cleanup tool. However, the Command Prompt is a lesser-known way to clean your computer.

Excel is a great productivity tool for almost any task in our daily jobs, schoolwork, and work assignments. However, sometimes Excel may show a blank document when you open a spreadsheet.

Do you click on a magnet link, but your browser doesn’t attempt to open the torrent client to download the file? If so, you may have a problem with the magnet link, torrent client, or browser. Thankfully, there are simple solutions to make magnet links work properly again.

Power stations are a great way to bring power to your camping trips, keep small appliances running in your RV, and serve as a backup in homes or in case of emergencies.

The oscilloscope is among the most powerful tools for aspiring inventors, engineers, or electrical hobbyists. If you’re troubleshooting the circuits you’ve built, it’s essential. But exactly how do you troubleshoot broken electronics using an oscilloscope?

The right motherboard ensures excellent performance, connectivity, and other features, and RGB lighting is a great way to give your custom PC build a cool and beautiful aesthetic. Here are the best RGB motherboards for your next build.