Google Keep makes staying organized easier than ever.  You can easily keep track of your ideas and to-do lists or share them with friends and co-workers for free by using Google Keep on your Android or IOS device.  I’m not sure how many people still use massive amounts of sticky notes to keep track of your ideas or things to do like I did, but Google Keep has a couple great solutions.

Here are just a few ways you can stay organized without all of the extra clutter.

Transcribe Words From Pictures

In this case, Google Keep could make a picture worth a thousand words.  By using (OCR) Optical Character Recognition, Google Keep can transcribe words from pictures automatically, so you won’t have to type them out later after a long lecture or business meeting.  In order to do this all you have to do is take a picture and selected “Grab Image Text” and Google Keep will transcribe your words.

Create drawings or search handwritten notes

You are able to sketch images in the Google Keep application. All you have to do is just select the pen icon at the bottom of your mobile device screen and many different options will appear.  When you are finished with drawing your sketch with your hand, you can easily share it right with your friends or family.  Also, if you would like you can still return to your handwritten notes at any time by simply searching for any of the words that you wrote.  You can also use the Google Keep search function to find images by searching for the words that are containing within them.

Record voice notes

For recording your thoughts on the go, you can record voice memos within Google Keep on your mobile device. If you click on the microphone icon located at the bottom right of your screen and you will be able to record your message in Google Keep. Whenever you are done talking, the audio recording will automatically end.  Then a new screen will pop up with your transcribed voice message and also an audio file.

Hopefully, these Google Keep tips have helped you and if they have please let me know!

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